Beth’s Favorite BGM #9: M24 — Kara no Kyoukai: The Garden of Sinners - Mujun Rasen |矛盾螺旋| (2008) — Yuki Kajiura 

By far the best incarnation of Shiki’s Theme.


Amazonite by Relic Stoneworks


centuries // fall out boy

and just one mistake
is all it will take
we’ll go down in history
remember me for centuries

Mystery Skulls // Paralyzed

Super punk space princess.

Hey! I have a question if you don't terribly mind me asking. How did you make your Lord english mask? I've been trying to put together a Lord English cosplay and I need some tips

Ah my friend you have come to the right place! Its actually really easy, if time consuming.

First, I found a skull mask such as this vampire skull mask here. There are lots of theses online and they are fairly cheap.

Secondly, I used some fabric paint such as this kind here to paint the mask. Whatever you do, DO NOT USE PUFFY PAINT. You’ll need an olive green/regular green mixture for the skin, a white/gold or yellow mixture to make the bone colored paint for the teeth, and some bright red for the circles on the cheeks. The skin paint should be 2 parts olive/1 part green and the bone colored paint will be made from 2 parts white/1 part gold/yellow.

For the third step, I bought some aviator shades and used some pliers to break the frame and get the lenses out. I then painted the eight ball symbols on them. 

After you have everything painted, use a clear matte spray paint to seal the mask. Then just stick the right lens in the left eye socket and the left lens in the right eye socket.

When you do all this you’ll have a spooky Lord English mask.

Apparently there are multiple legions marching from Stygia to Altanta’s deadlands. WHO MESSED UP THIS BAD?!?!?

For some reason I’m feeling really nostalgic and want to play my homestuck OC in a sburb rp again.

Turned in my GS2-14 to get my Masters in route to PhD today. It has to get approved by Tuesday. Only God can help me now ;-;