I have the urge to buy a ton of cute pastel goth stuff

I need to find some dark-brown/natural black medium-length wigs to wear casually about.


My contribution to the hype.



The Metroid series has some beautifully atmospheric music, doesn’t it? It’s one of the many reasons that the series is so beloved by fans, Super Metroid in particular.

This gorgeous arrangement comes from OCRemix’s husband-and-wife team of zircon and Jillian Aversa. Zircon’s detailed electronic arrangements combined with Jillian’s vocal work brings to life one Metroid 3’s most haunting tracks.

You can download the track here.


some old jojo 60min prompt pics (“fashion” and… “clothes swap” I think it was…?)




The first one always gets me for all the little details, specially how Link seemingly tried to murder Ganondorf in his sleep.

Reblogging for grumpy dad Ganondorf.

these are by ガブ吉

I’m glad it’s hoodie weather now.

Time to dust off that SCODE nostalgia and dredge up old feels. CAUSE IT’S ANNIVERSARY TIME.


As many of you are already aware, THE SECOND ANNIVERSARY OF SCODE IS COMING UP THIS MONTH!! Woo!!

Obviously, this should be celebrated again! Unfortunately, real life makes it more or less impossible for us to host another RP event like last year. However, we’ve come up with another way to celebrate! BY HAVING A CONTEST!!!!

We’ll be awarding personalized prizes in 3 catagories: Art, Music and Writing.

Art will encompass the visual submissions; drawings, paintings, pixel art, collages, graphics
Music will encompass audio submissions; playlists, remixes, home recorded songs
Writing will encompass…written submissions; drabbles, ficlets, written songs, poetry

The winner of each catagory will get to CHOOSE ONE prize from a list of prizes offered by your beloved mods and Admins!
Prizes currently include your choice of the following!*
- (drabble? ficlet? smth?) Written by John!
- Custom art of your SCODE persona drawn by Aria!
- A voice recording/song performed by Cherie!**
- A personalized 8 track playlist put together by John!
- A personalized custom piece of Comic Sans art by Cherie!

*We may add more prizes to this list between now and the deadline if we think of/decide to do more and are subject to discussion with the winner.
** Choice of song is the winner’s however Cherie’ asks that you please be reasonable. No Bohemian Rhapsody or anything ridiculous like that <3

-Please post your submissions to tumblr and tag them with our nostalgiac old #HAFG and #SCODE tags as well as a fancy new one just for this #AnniversaryGrist
-Please double check the tag to make sure it’s showing up and if it isn’t please message one of us with a link so your submission does not go unseen
-Also remember that in order for a post to show up in a tag it must be within the first 5 tags so put the important ones first
-Send any questions to this tumblr’s askbox so they can be answered publicly and we won’t have to repeat ourselves
-We the mods freely admit that we are complete and utter narcissists and will love you extra if your submission includes any of us or our characters :P like we’re not even gonna pretend. (Not a rule but totes worth noting)
-Also worth noting that this stuff encompasses ALL aspects of SCODE so don’t worry Mort Terran stuff counts too!

The deadline will be the weekend of OCTOBER 25TH. Happy creating!!!
(Quick note: It took us a little longer than we would have liked to get this organized so if necessary we may extend the deadline)