Gandhi has been historically the most aggressive character in Civilization due to an original bug in the first game that caused him to go all-out once he reaches democracy. They just kept the thing going ever since.

To further explain this bug, because I was chatting with mothmonarch about Civilization and other strategy games last night and I never got around to explaining this fully, but I love this story:

Gandhi’s AI in the original game had its aggression set to the absolute minimum (0 on a scale of 0 to 10, I believe, I may have this wrong but the basic idea I’m about to explain is accurate, as far as I can tell). Adopting democracy lowers an AI civ’s aggression by 2 points, so when someone who is fully peaceful loses two points of aggression, they should still be nice and polite, right?

Except this is an old DOS game, and so computer math is in place. What actually happened was that Gandhi’s aggression level ticked backwards two steps, from 0 to 255On a scale of 0 to 10, Gandhi is now 255 points of pure nuclear rage.

And that’s the story as I recall it, but again I may have gotten some details wrong, so feel free to correct me! After that, as the original poster said, the devs loved the bug so much that they just kept it in as a running joke!

On a scale of 0 to 10, Gandhi is now 255 points of pure nuclear rage.”

I about pissed myself laughing at this.


Officially my favorite desktop background ever. This scene was freaking gorgeous holy crap. I don’t even know what to do with myself after this, nothing will top it. 

Today someone told me I looked like I could be a supermodel.

Telling the folks I’m trans went pretty ok all things considered. So have some selfies.


Pirates of the Caribbean/Skyrim Mashup by flipboit4midles.

When My Friends Start Discussing the 4chan - Tumblr War
Nahash: 4chan to Tumblr no Tatakai ~What a Wonderful Internets~
Nahash: there
Nahash: we have a Liarsoft title
Nahash: somebody fund it
Assie Toadz: I keep throwing my nonexistent money at the screen and nothing is happening
Hero's Shade: we shud like
Hero's Shade: write it
Assie Toadz: We need to get a team of inspirational and dedicated writers for this.
Hero's Shade: I have a team of monkeys on speed dial
Assie Toadz: Excellent
Nahash: monkeys won't do
Nahash: they need to be baboons
Assie Toadz: Are you positive?
Nahash: yes, for the big bulbous ass factor
Assie Toadz: I see, I see
Lurker: [6:19 AM] Assie Toadz:
<<< We need to get a team of inspirational and deticated writers for this.Don't forget the team full of the exact opposite for tumblr's lines
Genkidu: A team of babboons and a team of 12 year old weaboos
Lurker: I can already smell the money

Bloop selfie time.